Decentralized Identity for All

Own your identity. Manage your reputation. Control your data

Your universal digital passport

Simple, secure, self-sovereign identity on Ethereum

Own your identity

Self-sovereign identity puts you 100% in control of your identity and data

Manage your reputation

Establish a digital reputation with verified claims, and select what you want to disclose to others

Transact with confidence

Login without passwords, digitally sign transactions, and manage tokens with secure cryptography and TouchID

Recover with help

Trusted friends or entities can help recover your identity if you lose your phone

Use it instantly

Instantaneous registration and delightful user experience make our app simple for everyone

Current Identity Infrastructure is Broken

  • Institutional Reliance
    1.5 billion people who rely on formal institutions to provide them with identity are currently living without government ID
  • Fragmented Identity
    Complete identity and reputation is fragmented by hundreds of digital service providers that own your data
  • Centralized Servers
    Malicious individuals are incentivized to hack large centralized servers containing millions of user emails and passwords
  • Recycled Passwords
    Users recycle emails and passwords across many digital properties, which exposes their identity to a large-scale compromise
  • Unfriendly Encryption
    Everyday users find the experience of cryptographic key management too complicated, cumbersome, and risky

A world of self-sovereign identity powered by uPort

Open-source Ethereum Identity System

Uport is a mobile, self-sovereign identity and key management system, built on the Ethereum blockchain. Our flexible technology was built with both developers and users in mind. It consists of an easy-to-use mobile app, Ethereum smart contracts, and open-source libraries. Businesses can accept uPort identities with only five lines of code, while users can easily access and curate their self-soverign identities on the app. We use standards built in collaboration with other large leading organizations, such as Microsoft, and support disruptive technologies like IPFS and Ethereum.

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